WordPress Comments

I have enabled the comments (only for logged in users) and despite the fact that I don’t think this blog will attract much attention on the web, I have protected myself against some of the spam comments by using Askimet (spam plugin installed by default now) and by producing a blacklist that directs comments to moderation (mostly words that could create false positives by matching a string inside another word) and straight to trash (‘swear’ words and variations, but also words contained in common spam like pharmaceutical brand names).

This involved downloading a list of words (which is not at all edifying to read in detail) and copying and pasting into the comment blacklist fields under ‘Settings’ > ‘Discussion’. I personally think there should be a link to this settings page from the ‘Comments’ section in WordPress, as the difference in the naming (Discussion/Comments) makes it harder to find find.



Please find all references here.

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