I want to approach the projects on this module in a methodical fashion. We are being tasked with constructing two websites – one built on top of a substantial CMS and the other from scratch. I am interested in the workflow from a blank piece of paper all the way to the finished site.

At the moment I have a basic idea of how I would do this, which I will detail below. I am intrigued as to whether this will change after having looked into this subject more deeply.

This Lynda course looks like a very good place to start learning/researching: Web Design: Efficient Workflow (, 2016), but at this point I’m just going to get down a list from the top of my head.

  1. Content – Content should come before the design. What is the site for? What information will it be disseminating?
  2. Wireframe on paper – The wireframe, in my understanding, is a sketch of the site with no consideration for colour, fonts, etc. Just the basic layout showing what the page is for and what will be on it.
  3. Design – once the frame is in place, then it’s time to think about colours, fonts, images, videos, superficial layout and any other graphic elements.
  4. Code – once the frame and the design are ready, then it’s time to code. While some consideration must be given to the limitations of the format, creating something original requires experimenting and designing something before learning how to code it.
  5. Test – Validation and testing, incorporating feedback. The code/test list items should be repeated until the site is ready.

Some more workflow links to investigate:


Please find all references here.

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