Lecture 2: Notes

The ‘web’ is not the same thing as the ‘Internet’! Here’s a page which credits the inventions and shows the timeline of technologies. In 1993 the Mosaic browser was the first graphical browser (following some text-based browsers like Lynx). Microsoft then introduced Internet Explorer and started on their journey to be hated by every web […]


The first time I ever used WordPress the ‘Add Post’ screen looked like a box to type HTML into. It has evolved to be a WYSIWYG editor in the meantime, but it appears that the evolution stopped a few years back and we haven’t seen an update to the visual editor for a long time. […]

Colours on the Web

There are a number of ways to express colour values in CSS. Hexcode In that beautiful way that the universe has of making simple building blocks into almost infinite complexity, the screen you are reading this on mixes three colours to generate all the colours you can see on the monitor. If you look closely […]