The first time I ever used WordPress the ‘Add Post’ screen looked like a box to type HTML into. It has evolved to be a WYSIWYG editor in the meantime, but it appears that the evolution stopped a few years back and we haven’t seen an update to the visual editor for a long time.

Gutenberg – currently available as a plugin – is the replacement. It is slated to appear in the next big WordPress update 5.0. I started to write this post using the plug-in and while the plans to roll it out universally seem to have caused lively debate (see the comments section of this post), I actually quite like the editor (it did, however fail to publish my post and I had to resort to the classic editor to post this).

I found Gutenberg while looking for a visual editor plugin to allow me to post a table (for the Colours on the Web post). TinyMCE Advanced is another option that adds functionality and tables to the ‘classic’ visual editor.


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