Just another Smartwatch?

We’ve all heard about wearable technology – Google Glass and Smartwatches being prime examples. Smartwatches by brands such as Samsung or Apple commonly let you connect to the internet, text etc. all from your wrist – with no need to get your phone out. Handy? I’m not particularly interested to be honest, but if you are that’s great. Today, in the New Scientist, I discovered a smart watch that got me excited though. The Embrace.

This Smartwatch is really very clever.  Empatica has targeted it at those living with epilepsy. Embrace detects changes in the skin’s electrical activity as a precursor for what is happening in the brain. It can therefore detect the start of a seizure before it actually occurs. This allows a pre-programmed message to be sent to the patient’s family and/or friends alerting them. How brilliant is that?!

Check it out below:

Video coutersy of Empatica via Youtube.


If a watch can save lives then it is so worth supporting their Indiegogo campaign. They’ve already gained 262% of their original target and I can totally see why. I want to get my hands on it and give it a go just to track my everyday health, just out of pure curiosity. How cool would it be to see on your phone how your body is working? And the style of the normal watch function is pretty funky too.

I don’t suffer with epilepsy although I know someone who does and every step we take to making the world a safer place for these people is a giant leap forward for them and their families. Plus, for every Embrace bought Empatica is donating one to a child who really does need it. So go out and spread the word. Let’s embrace medical technology. Let’s embrace Embrace.