Wow, I really am a useless blogger. Need to get into doing this more often.

I have exciting news! I spent this weekend in London at NHS Hack Day 10 and it was amazing.

After a very nervous start I sat and listened to people’s pitches – there were some incredible ideas of how we could improve patient and practitioners lives in the NHS. One in particluar grabbed me as a great idea that I could get involved in – a game to teach children with type 1 diabetes about carbohydrates so they can better manage their condition.

After a bit of a chaotic brainstorm we had a plethora of ideas and got down to work. I was part of the design team initially and created the main characters in the game.


This is Jamie the Space Giraffe, the protagonist of the game.

Gluco the Pig

This is Gluco the pig, he is Jamie’s helper friend who tells you how to play the game.


This is the evil Captain Ketone!

I then moved onto the development team and worked with another person to adapt a game of Space Invaders so that Jamie was shooting insulin at carbs.


You can check out our team’s games here

I would totally recommend getting involved in a hack day – it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and put your brains to the test.