Sweet Deliveries

Back in July I participated in BeePurple’s UltraViolet Summer School – a week long course about setting up your own business. It was a fantastic experience where I got to think about what it is to set myself up as a professional freelancer. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone else at the University of Brighton – whether a current student or not.

Anyway, during that week I got to meet some incredible people and offer my services as a web developer. Low and behold one of my teammates is now in the process of starting up her own business and I have been building her website! And being paid for it!

During this process I have dabbled in WordPress as an eCommerce platform but mostly fought with CrateJoy as my clients’ choice of eCommerce and subscription host. CrateJoy is a nightmare to work with on the code and design front but seems like a pretty great tool to use to deal with all your business subscription needs. With one week left till our deadline I was still fighting with CrateJoy, scrapped my work so far and rebuilt it all using a BootStrap model. I built the site in one day – panic over. CrateJoy now deals with the order process but I have built the rest of the pages for our lovely new site.

It’s been an exciting and challenging process – and one that isn’t quite over yet! We are still working to create the one-time shop and themed pages. I will update on here when we are at the next step.

For now, here it is. I present to you, Sweet Subscriptions!