Fighting with 3D

So, for one of my coursework modules I am studying 3ds max. Exciting right? Yup, but also fantastically frustrating and difficult. For my project I’ve decided to model the creation of an origami bird from a flat piece of paper. Sounds pretty simple? Nope. I’ve been fighting with this for weeks. Finally, yesterday I had a breakthrough. I managed to model a paper airplane! True, it took me 2 hours of following a 2 minute tutorial, but I did it! AND I animated it! It’s hard to describe just how good this made me feel.

It doesn’t look like much but this is my creation:

And I am a very proud mother.

I then managed to replace the lined paper texture with a video which was pretty awesome! But unfortunately I don’t have a video of that to show you :(

Wandering through WordPress

One of the projects I’ve been working on is an online sweet shop. Mmmm sweets. So, for the website I needed to integrate e-commerce stuff such as payment, product details etc. I figured the easiest way to build a site like this was to use WordPress – it also means that I can teach the owner how to add products etc themselves when they’re ready.

It’s been a tough but exciting challenge working with WordPress and WooCommerce but yesterday we were finally ready to release phase 1 of the website! Eeeek! (I say ready, realistically it needed to be up today and so I manically worked on it till it was at a point we were happy enough to work with…)

Anyway, here it is: Sweet Deliveries

I had a bit of a nightmare attempting to migrate the site from the subdomain I was building it in to the root of the site but after a few panics and a couple of  heart stopping moments, I managed to sort it out.

It’s still work in progress so please leave any feedback and let me know of any glitches!


Adventures in Ajax

This past week I have been beavering away on a new piece of coursework – ‘to develop a fully automated, interactive, web-based e-mail client using Ajax’.

It’s pretty tough, but I’m quite enjoying it. Which is lucky because it is pretty time consuming and frustrating (as all coding is). Even more so, because apparently my first attempt was wrong. It was only half done but I had managed to get it to work pretty well, my teacher didn’t even realise at first but apparently I had created it using pure JavaScript rather than Ajax. Whoops.

So I have had to go back over it and redo pretty much all of it. I’m about where I had got to on Tuesday when I discovered the terrible truth of doing it wrong. I will update the blog shortly with my progress and the link to a hopefully working automated email client (using Ajax!!). For now I shall leave you with the joyous image of me struggling to figure out what on earth I am doing with my life trying to redo my coursework…


Major learning point – it was very lucky I had made an early start on this and shown my teacher otherwise I would have gone on Christmas break and built it, only to not get the marks for a working email client.