Interview at the BBC

Umm… wow. Okay, so yesterday I got an email saying that my application for a traineeship in web development in the BBC News department had been successful. I h ave an interview coming up this month. Cue 5 seconds of excitement followed by fear and anxiousness and panic.

Let’s take a look at the job description….

You will ideally be undertaking a degree in Media Technology, Computer Science or a related discipline. This is a sandwich year placement role, which is designed for undergraduates returning to university. You will be on target to get a minimum of 2:1 degree and have a passion for front-end engineering and web development.

It is essential that you will have knowledge and experience of client-side technologies, namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery) and an advantage if you have knowledge of JavaScript based tooling (i.e. NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Bower), PHP (including frameworks like Zend, Cake or Codeigniter), Ruby, Perl and other programming languages and an advantage of experience of using version control (SVN, Github), working with agile project management methodologies and have an interest in web-design and current affairs.

Okay so the first bit – yep, that’s me. I’m studying Digital Media Development and looking for a placement year for a sandwich degree. I am passionate about web development – hence why I do freelance work etc… And yep, so far I’m on track for a 2:1 or a first. So, that’s all sounding brilliant right?

Errr, let’s look at the next bit. HTML (tick) CSS (tick) JavaScript (tick). jQuery (not so much), JavaScript based tooling (no), PHP (tiny bit), PHP Frameworks (zilch). Ruby, Perl… no. Github – a little bit yeah. Agile (sort of), Current affairs (yes) web-design (yep)


So, the prospect of an interview for this is now terrifying. I have decided to be proactive though! I am researching and cramming and learning as much as possible in the run up to the interview (no confirmed date yet). Luckily I’m a quick learner, very interested in front-end development and really want this job!

Instead of having the lazy-post exam week I’d planned my time seems to be going into Codecademy to solidify my JS, jQuery and Git knowledge and get a firm foot on PHP and maybe Ruby.

Oh and I also need to complete the task they’ve set me – luckily this looks quite similar to my AJAX email client. But with extra stuff using graphical frameworks that I need to learn…

Busy week ahead I think.

Wish me luck!

My Rules!

For Semester 2 Web Design and Development I have to create a website for a client. Something I’ve done a couple of times now. So yesterday I met up with Elsie who is going to be my client for this project. She is a rather lovey phd student who I’ve known for a few years doing some pretty awesome stuff around sexual health and consent, the main project being called ‘My Rules’.

I figured I may as well update my blog with some of the stuff we’re doing together as I think it’s going to be a pretty exciting project.

The website is meant to be a space for documenting and showcasing how research can be educational and how education can be used for research, particularly in the area of sexual health and consent. It should also act as a resource for young people (13-25) to access information around this subject and for teachers and educators to refer to and use in educational settings.

In creating this, I will need to do some extensive research around implementing a CMS into the website so that Elsie can update it in the future. OI’ll also have a chance to improve my SEO knowledge.

I’m going to start off by conducting a competitor analysis and write up the requirements for the website. After I’ve got these signed off by Elsie and we have some initial ideas I will update my blog with the next steps!

Experimenting with AngularJS

Coursework deadlines are done! Just one exam to go and that’s it for this semester. (Phew!).

I really enjoyed the Ajax email client project – it was so fantastically frustrating yet annoyingly satisfying. As a result, I’ve decided to teach myself AngularJS. It looks like a pretty awesome framework with a lot of potential and uses.

I started this yesterday by doing the lesson on Codecademy. It was brilliant. Really clever and interesting way of developing web apps. I finished the course this morning and have decided that I want to rebuild my portfolio using AngularJS with my own directives etc.


So, next up I will try and build a simple website using AngularJS then revamp my portfolio! I’ve been looking for tutorials for this but most of them just provide the code which isn’t quite what I’m looking for. I’ll keep hunting – and if i don’t find the right thing I guess I’ll just teach myself!

As you can see from my Codecademy badges above – I’ve also been using it to teach myself Git. I’ve been finding it a great tool – especially when doing my coursework, but there are major implications around using it for coursework as other students can access the code and use it for their submission – it can be seen as us facilitating cheating. As a result I’ve had to stop using it for this and only put my projects up after the deadlines have passed. A bit annoying – especially when applying for internships and placements but ah well.


Adventures in Ajax (continued)

Today is a momentous day. Today I managed to effectively finish my email client. Hooray!

After grappling with Ajax for hours and hours over the past few weeks, trying to understand PHP and finding those files in my brain about SQL from a long time ago I finally did it!

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what else to tell you about it. Check it out here (you might need to register and stuff to have a play).