Battling the BBC Application Task

After taking a week off to chill and hang out with my friends again post exams and coursework deadlines I came back to the BBC task today. And I think I’ve done it! Woohoo!


It doesn’t look like much but this is the table I managed to create using HTML, JavaScript and JSON. And I pretty pleased with it! I can’t share the code due to other people attempting the challenge too but I ended up taking a lot simpler an approach than I first expected. My biggest issue was understanding JSON after only working with XML before.

I then had a little play with D3 to see if I could figure out how to create a visual representation of the data. I think I need to do some more but not bad for a first attempt methinks:



So, now I’ve done the majority of this task I think I better get back to general interview prep – oh and the next semester of uni coursework…

Conquering Codecadamy

Well in prep for the impending interview at the BBC I have been losing my life to Codecademy. I just love the style of teaching and how easy it is to use.

So far, I have completed courses in JQuery, AngularJS, Git and Command Line and I’m halfway through PHP.

I’ve also started attempting the challenge they set me – turn out to be a lot trickier than I expected, and JSON is a bit more confusing than I was led to believe after dealing with XML. Determined to do it and do it well though – watch this space!

I’ve also been advised (and I think this is a fab idea) to create my own little reference sheet of all the terms in the job spec with definitions and stuff to make sure I understand them and can talk about them even if only a little bit. So, after Codecademy PHP the thesaurus is next, alongside the coding challenge and general interview prep of course!