Interview Results…

The wait to hear back from my interviews has been excruciating. Then I heard back from them all in pretty quick succession.

7th Sense got back first, asking me to come in for a second interview. After spending a while thinking about this, I decided to decline – the other jobs were more my thing, and even if I didn’t get those I had decided I would prefer to pursue a web focussed placement.

Then I got a call from the lovely Katie at Shop Direct. “First of all, I just want to thank you for coming up for the interview” We all know what that means, but I was prepared for it. I had been expecting to be rejected after that practical test. “You did really well in every section of the interview process and you probably know what’s coming”

“We’d like to offer you the job”
Nope, that’s definitely not what I was expecting to hear. Stunned. And immediate panic. I still hadn’t heard from the BBC. I told Katie that I was still waiting to hear back from other places and she gave me the weekend to think about it.
I emailed the BBC recruiters who said interviews were still being conducted and they would get back to me in approximately 3 weeks. Cue major dither and panic.
Katie called back – “Actually, can you let us know by the end of Friday”.
Less than 2 days. Shit.
I did some frantic googling in the hopes of trying to find the email address for my interviewer at the BBC to see if I could get some clarity on the situation. I managed to find it on Github and fired off a quick message explaining my position after 5pm on a Wednesday I didn’t expect a reply and tried to get my head sorted out. Wrong again.
‘New mail’ notification. Deep breaths.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.30.37


Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.21.57

The next morning I received this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.25.43

And that is the story of a manic emotional roller coaster of a day in my life. 2 prestigious job offers in one day. Wow.

I took the BBC one as you can probably guess and am super excited to start in August!

Shop Direct

This one was all the way up in Liverpool, it was a mad train journey up with delayed and cancelled trains and flooding on the tracks in Rugby.


Train tracks submerged in water – they weren’t joking!


Once I finally got there and found the house where I was staying, I wandered round Liverpool for a little bit.

Optimized-Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.07.44

Landmarks, Liverpool Pie and Formby Ale – oh and a funny toilet seat…

The next morning I managed to get lost on the way to the interview, getting there just in time in the end (lucky I had left an hour early just in case!).
The actual interview went fairly well – there were 3 of them with standard questions to ask me. All seemed to go fine – nothing special particularly but well enough. I was then taken up to the open plan office to sit and do a coding task. That bit went a little wrong. I managed to overcomplicate the task, and waste most of the time trying to accomplish something that wasn’t being asked of me. Ah well. I headed home, accepting that shop direct wasn’t to be and just relieved that the BBC had gone so well.


2 down, 2 to go.

It’s been a pretty and hectic week in the word of Rushlet. I’ve had not one but 2 interviews for my placement year – both at pretty exciting companies!

The first was 7thSense, a company who produce media servers to serve lossless projections for massive projects – think theme park rides.
I had no idea what to expect when I prepared myself for my interview on Tuesday morning. I set off, google maps in hand to try and find their offices in the middle of nowhere via 2 buses, since my original cycling plan had been thwarted by the grim rain.
I found the offices, pretty damp and cold – not neccesarily the best first impression, but not terrible either. They showed me around the building, showing me what they do and then proceeded to have a short interview with 2 of the owners of the company. They were super lovely and it was a very informal interview, mostly just chatting about my previous experience and what the placement role would involve. Less than an hour later I ventured back out into the rain to try and find m way back to the city – easier said than done i turned out and I ended up getting very lost and soaked to the bone in the horrible English weather. Overall, I reckon that interview went pretty well and hopefully I should find out by the end of this week.

The second was the one I have been stressing out about for about a month now. The BBC.

 IMG_20160302_094150 IMG_20160302_094336

Wednesday started off a lot better than the day before had – it was Sunny in Brighton, I knew what I was wearing and I had been frantically preparing for weeks for this interview. It was The BBC – who wouldn’t be excitedly nervously terrified?!
I headed down to the station, had time to buy a coffee and then got on the train, sitting opposite a friendly woman at a table so I could carry on with my interview prep. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made. After a while the lady started chatting to me about what I was doing, she was very impressed that I was on my way to an interview at the BBC (which she had seen from the mess of papers I was writing on) and wanted to know more. I took out my headphones and we got chatting. Turns out she was an ex westminster lawyer who now works with the UN. And she was just as incredible as she sounds. She was great, asking questions about the job, helping me prepare for difficult questions and just giving general tips. The journey was a lot quicker thanks to her and I was far less nervous after having such a nice train journey. It was raining in London and I didn’t have a coat, but I was so happy by this point it didn’t matter.

I headed straight to Oxford Circus, surprisingly remembering the way without checking from when I used to head to Broadcasting House for radio shows. Deciding to make sure I knew where the entrance was before having a second coffee to kill the hour I had to wait I headed up to New Broadcasting House. Turns out there’s a coffee shop right outside the entrance. I headed in, thinking this was as good a place as any to chill for a bit and finish my interview prep. The lady in front of me in the queue got chatting with me (the perks of not having headphones in). It transpired that she was the head of Music Television and she took pity on my pre-interview nerves and bought me a coffee! My morning was just getting better and better. We had a nice little chat in the queue and then she had to run to a meeting. To top it off, as I was sitting there psyching myself up Johnny Vegas was just standing outside the window having a smoke – I guess that’s what happens when you work in showbiz….!!


After meeting a few lovely ladies, each very kind and supportive I was feeling quite confident as I entered the BBC for my interview. I was complimented on my CV and application by the interviewer on the way up to the room which was reassuring, and shown ‘the news pit’ where news and weather are recorded (and was walked through the back of shot just for giggles). We took the glass lift up to the 7th floor (slightly nauseating) and went into a little meeting room where the other interviewer was waiting and we got started.

The interview had been booked for 2 hours though they said it would probably take only 1.5 hours. That still felt like a long time.
There was the talky bit – where they asked predetermined questions and we had a good chat about the role, the departments and teams, and obviously my experience. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting and we just seemed to click. I immediately relaxed.
Then there was the writey bit where they left me alone with a codey test for 20 minutes – only interrupting to bring me a coffee. They came back we talked about the last question in the task they had left me – about multidimensional arrays. Turns out I had managed to do it pretty well and understood it much better thanI had thought.
Next was the typey bit – yes these are the official terms they use for each section. In this bit I had 3 tasks to complete in half an hour in CodePen using HTML, CSS and JS and could refer to google and the interviewers for help. I was warned that I would probably only be able to do the first one or two, which put my mind at ease. I finished the first in less than 10 minutes, the second pretty fast too and even managed to finish the 3rd one. We were all surprised! Apparently I’m the 2nd peron to get to the last task and the first to finish it. Yay! That boosted my ego a bit. It was just a really relaxed time and we were laughing a lot, so I was very relaxed and happy by this point.
I then asked them some questions before we realised that we’d run over by half an hour. The interview had last 2.5 hours but was very enjoyable and went pretty fast – and I never thought I’d be saying that about an interview!
Overall, it sounds like a fantastic department to work in and I enjoyed my time there a lot. I should hear back in the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed!!

I then met my buddy Cai at Victoria who had also had an interview for his placement at another company and we went for some cocktails to debrief and celebrate. Pretty good day all round. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share the small happy things that happened to make the day even better – chatting to strangers might seem insignificant but it can really make your day.

2 down, 2 to go – just EdenSpiekermann second Skype interview and ShopDirect up in Liverpool next week. Feeling fairly good about myself at the moment – which I needed after a rough week – never thought interviews would be the way to boost self confidence!


More cocktails happened when we got back to Brighton – happy times with Andrew, Amy and Cai