The Trials and Tribulations of Time Based Media

Time Based Media is a module I take which focuses on video production. Recently, we’ve been having a lot of fun in the university’s TV studio creating our own Graham Norton style mini TV show. Unfortunately I don’t have the footage, but I do have some photos which I took of the process.


The coursework for this module involved making a short film about anything.

I wanted to focus on my own experience of depression for the purposes of this film. I spent a while researching short films made by students on YouTube and particularly focused on ones about depression. There were some fantastic films which served as inspiration for mine, including:

The concept I storyboarded was of a character standing on top of building. We then flash through various memories, emphasized by use of POV. These include sad and angry memories but there are also happy ones and mundane ones – highlighting a real experience of depression. At the end the character opens their eyes and it cuts to black before we see what happens next.

Below, you can see the final version of the film.

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