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CMIS Suite Facilities

A new group of rooms designed for multi media production, games development and usability.

Multi-Purpose Room Bookings


W233: Multimedia Lab

This suite includes Adobe production premium for capturing and editing video. It is also used for web development and Photoshop image manipulation.

teaching-lab.jpg adobe_premiere_pro20_scr.jpg

W234: Games Development

This room is equipped with Playstation 3s connected directly to PCs for games production. This room has 3d Studio max utilising a Render Farm (Reducing large rendering job times down from hours to minutes)

3dstudio.jpgAndrew Hails 2.jpgusing-DM-lab-2.jpg Robert Maylon.jpg

W235 & W236: Multi-purpose * bookable rooms *

These rooms have usability facilities that are bookable through the helpdesk. Students can use these rooms for website/software analysis. They can also be used for interactive TV testing and filming interview setups. A one way mirror has been installed to offer a professional Usability environment

Morae.jpg multipurpose room.jpg

W237: Mac Recording Studio

A Small room with audio recording/production facilities. Software includes Reason 4 and Logic Pro Studio. It also had Final Cut Pro for video editing.

digital_media_student.jpgreason_logo_400.304234851_std.jpg logic-studio-070912-3.png